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Palm Beach County Painting Contractor

We’ve tried to answer the questions most commonly asked by our customers. However, if after you’ve read through the FAQs here you still need answers, please feel free to call our office. As one of the most trusted Palm Beach County Painting Contractor, we will do our best to assist you.


What happens if we are dissatisfied with the result?
We are here to help! As one of the best Palm Beach County Painting Contractor, we always strive for your satisfaction. Many issues are resolved through good communication and attention to detail. We only proceed with a job once a contract has been clarified thoroughly and agreed upon by both parties. If dissatisfaction does happen at the end of the job, we do everything we can to resolve the dispute within the confines of the contract signed by both parties.
Does prep work make such a big difference?
It can make all the difference if you want a job that lasts as it should and looks good over that period. However, sometimes people don’t want to invest in a lot of extra prep work or want to cut back on the scope of the work. We can and will give you this option, but just remember that there is a sacrifice in doing so. We consider this to be a personal choice and that is why we will always give our customers the option to do more or less prep work when we think it is appropriate and beneficial to them.
Can your company give me an estimate over the phone?
While we wish it was possible to do this effectively over the phone, we feel it is much more productive to give an estimate based on the work that you want, and that we are seeing rather than guessing at it. That is why when we come out to do an estimate we are doing a mini inspection on the paint, providing a sample of our color consultation, listening to what, when, where and how you want to have it all completed. That is why we can commit to a price guarantee that the price we quote is the price you will pay. If for some reason you are unable to do this please call and we can discuss some options available to us for a probable cost of services.
Can you paint my home while my family and I are away?
Yes, we do this all the time. If you will be away from your home for an extended time frame while we are working on your home please leave us with important contact numbers and names. Ideally, we would like to start one day before your departure, or at least to meet with you to go over all the particulars of the work before you leave. Our crew is on-site every day to make sure your project is completed on time and according to plan.
Does the reputation and stability of the contractor I choose matter to me?
All of their relationships should be in good standing. Businesses in good standing with the local dealers get preferential treatment and pricing which helps them stay competitive. This is especially important in these more difficult economic times. Well-established painting contractors must deliver current letters of reference from their banks and local suppliers indicating that they are in good standing.
What is paint failure, and why does paint fail?
A. Paint failure is the loss, and more specifically the failing of any of the paint’s inherent and claimed properties, both the protective and functional integrity of the paint film and its aesthetics, like color and sheen. The reasons for paint failure are varied and complex. But here are a few short answers. Usually, paint failure occurs from two main factors. One large reason is missteps or shortcuts taken at the time of application. The other reasons are environmental or if the wrong or inferior product was selected. Often paint failure can occur long after the coating was applied and those shortcuts will reveal themselves much, much later and can, in fact, be aggravated by fresh coats of paint. This one reason why hiring a professional can make a big difference in the way a coating holds up and looks good.
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