5 Tips to Follow When Selecting the Best Painting Contractor for Your Home Repainting Project

by | Oct 24, 2020 | Blog

Home improvement projects, especially repainting, can be exciting. Whether you’re planning on doing it to increase your home’s market value or simply revamp the room’s look, wall repainting should be done right. This is why it’s important to employ the help of a professional painting contractor in Jupiter. Doing so won’t only ensure high-quality results, but you will also be assured that the project will be done on time.

However, choosing which painting contractor to hire may be overwhelming. You need to be able to choose the best contractor since a painting job could easily turn sour if it’s not done properly.  With that said, here are a few tips you can follow to ensure that you choose the best painting contractor for your home repainting project:

1. Ask Around

Word-of-mouth is the best marketing strategy that every painting company can take advantage of. That’s why as a homeowner, it’s important to ask around about which contractor is the best. Chances are if a painter had done an excellent job in repainting homes, word will easily spread and there’s a chance that your friend or family may have heard about them, too.

2. Get an Estimate

Once you’ve asked around and have an idea on some reputable contractors, you can then go and ask them for an estimate. It’s advisable to get estimates from 3 different painting contractors. More or less, the prices you get should be close to each other. If there’s a big difference between the prices, ask the contractors for a bid breakdown and if they offer extra services for that price.

3. Interview Each Candidate

Since you’re already getting an estimate, you might as well use the time to interview the contractors, as well. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn in one conversation with a potential candidate. Be sure to ask the right questions, like:

  • How many houses or buildings have they worked on in the past?
  • How long have they been in the business?
  • Do they have insurance to cover damages?
  • What paint products do they usually use?
  • Is their business licensed?
  • Can they provide references for their previous work?
  • How soon can they finish the job?

4. Check References

The painting contractor should be able to provide at least 3 references to back him up. Call them to make sure that you’ll be doing business with a reputable company. Ask each person about the quality of their work, process, nature of the employees, and their overall experience. This will give you an idea of how professional they are. If you’re still not contented with the references, check the reviews on their website or social media page.

5. Observe Punctuality and Demeanor

When setting up a meeting, the contractor should always be at the venue before or at the agreed time. If they come late or miss the appointment, they should be able to give a reasonable excuse for that. Moreover, it’s also important to study their demeanor. Are they professional or polite during the entire duration of your meeting? Make sure to consider these things as it will greatly affect how they will do the painting job.

6. Study the Contract

Candidate companies should always provide a contract for the job that’s to be done. The contract should contain the company’s name, contact information, address, license number, and other essential business information. The terms should be written comprehensively and it should state the different services included in the package. A good painting company will also state in the contract what measures they will do in case damages or mistakes on the job happens. If the company doesn’t have a contract, then move on to your next candidate.

Find the Right Painting Contractor in Jupiter for Your Home Improvement Project

It’s important to hire the right person to redo the walls in your house or building. Aside from achieving the results you’re aiming for, leaving the job to the professionals will also save you time and effort.